Department of Food Science and Technology


Food scientists perform a critical role in developing and maintain our food supply. They use their knowledge of chemistry, nutrition and biology to develop methods of packaging, preserving, processing and distributing the foods that we eat each day. Food scientists commonly work in product development, where they lead teams of food technologists who conduct research and experiments to learn more about food and nutrition. As a team, they are able to identify new food sources or develop ways of making processed foods safer and healthier. In Pakistan, Food Science and Technology plays an imperative role in the economy of the country. Due to this importance, this precinct is growing rapidly in the 21st century. So, there is an entire need to produce fresh food scientists and technologists in order to tackle the current issues in the field of food processing and preservation.


A program that focuses on applying biological, chemical and physical principles to the study of converting raw agricultural products into processed forms suitable for direct human consumption and the storage of such products. Food scientists and technologists can get jobs in different fields like food industries, teaching institutes, research institutes, food storage departments, Punjab Food Authority and many other related organizations. Government College Women University, Faisalabad aims to initiate MPhil Food Science and Technology and PhD Food Science and Technology to improve the safety and quality of our national food supply and explore the richness and depth of food and nutritional sciences.


Our mission is to pursue, excel and maintain a world-class women leadership role in the quest for knowledge by way of quality research, capacity building, consultancy and innovative outreach in order to contribute to food productivity and safety through sustainable value addition and natural resources management.

Programs Offered

BS Food Science and Technology [Four Years Degree Programme ]

  • Program Duration: 4 years
  • Eligibility Criteria: 1. FSC (PRE-MEDICAL) or Equivalent 2. F.SC (PRE-ENGINEERING) or Equivalent
  • Seats Allocation :  50 seats in Morning / 50 seats in Evening
  • Fee Structures: See More Details ...
  • Scheme of Study: See More Details ...

M.phil Food Science and Technology [Two Years Degree Programme ]

  • Program Duration: 2 years
  • Eligibility Criteria: 1. BS (HONS) FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2. BS(4 Year) FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION 3. B.Sc (HONS) AGRICULTURE WITH FOOD TECHNOLOGY (Major) 4. BS FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 5. BSC (HONS) FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION 6. Graduation in Medical Science (MBBS, BHMS, MEMS) 7. Graduation in Biological Sciences (Biochemistry, Biotechnology)
  • Seats Allocation:  50 seats Evening
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  • Scheme of Study: See More Details ...

PhD Food Science and Technology [Three Years Degree Programme ]

  • Program Duration: 3 to 8 years
  • Seats Allocation:  10 seats
  • Fee Structures: See More Details ...
  • Scheme of Study: See More Details ...


Assistant Professor and Incharge, Food Science and Technology

Doctorate Degree PhD Food Technology


Assistant Professor, Food Science and Technology

Doctorate Degree PhD Food Technlogy


Assistant Professor, Food Science and Technology

Doctorate Degree Ph.D. Food Technology


Assistant Professor, Food Science and Technology

MS leading to PhD PhD Food Technology


Research Assistant, Food Science and Technology

M-Phil (18 Years) Degree M. Sc (Hons). Food Technology


Teaching Assistant, Food Science and Technology

Master/ MS (18 Years) Degree Msc.(Hons) Food Technology


Lab. Attendant, Food Science and Technology

Qulification Not Present


Naib Qasid, Food Science and Technology

Qulification Not Present


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