Student’s Financial Aid Office

Ms. Asma Zaheer
Incharge Student's Financial Aid Office

The Students’ Financial Aid Office is primarily responsible for providing all information, services, and assembling financial resources that are available to and/or needed by students who are attending Government College Women University in order to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree. Financial aid resources are those that are provided by both internal (university and/or endowment funds), governmental (PEEF, Professional Education Internal Merit and District Merit Scholarship) and private agencies or organizations.

Scholarship News

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II

Required Documents EUSP Phase-II.pdf

display list.pdf

Undergraduate Scholarship Programme for Students of Gilgit-Baltistan

Undergraduate Scholarship for Students of Gilgit-Batistan.jpg

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-I

required documents.pdf

List of Ehsaas Scholarship.pdf

Interloop Scholars Collect their Paid Voucher

2018-2022 8th,6th Semester (2019-23) 4th Semester (2020-2024).pdf

List of Students 2018-2022 8th,6th Semester (2019-23) 4th Semester (2020-2024).pdf

Schedule of interviews for PEEF Master Level scholarship

Schedule of interviews for PEEF Master Level scholarship.pdf

PEEF Master Level 2021-22.pdf

PEEF-MASTER LEVEL-Scholarship Quota-2021-2022


PEEF Form, Affidavit,personal information.pdf

Schedule of interviews for EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-III

Schedule of interviews for EUSP phase-III.pdf

Ehsaas Interview List Phase-III.pdf

Schedule of interviews for University Need Based Scholarship 2021-22

Schedule of interviews for UNBS 2021-22.pdf

scholarship students List UNBS 2021-2022.pdf



Schedule of the Interviews for HEC- Needs Based Scholarship Program 2021-2022

Schedule of HEC Need Based interviews.pdf

HEC List 2021-22.pdf

First Come, First Serve HEC Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI)

First Come First Serve.pdf

University Need Based Scholarship

university need based scholarship.pdf

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-III

Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Scholarship Program 3 (1).docx

University Need Based Scholarship


EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-III

Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Scholarship Program 3 (1).pdf

Hungary Scholarship for Pakistan Students

Hungary Scholarship for Pakistan Students.jpg

Hungary Scholarship for Pakistan Students.pdf

Sitara Chemical Industries LTD.

Sitara Chemical.pdf

PEP Foundation Scholarship Session 2021-2022

PEP Foundation Scholarship Session 2021-2022.pdf

PEP Foundation Form.pdf

HEC Advertisement Session 2021-2022

HEC Advertisement Session 2021-2022.jpg

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-III

Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Scholarship Program 3.pdf

Interloop Scholarship

INTERLOOP Scholars.pdf

Interloop Scholars list.pdf

PEEF Students List (2019-2023)(2018-2022)(2017-2021)

PEEF Scholarship list.pdf

Sitara Chemical Industries LTD.

Sitara Chemical Industries LTD.pdf

Required Result Card and Fee Voucher for the Renewal of HEC Need Based Scholarship

HEC Need based Scholarship.pdf

Tabeer Scholarship Program Punjab 2021

Tabeer Scholarship Program Punjab 2021.jpg


Killa Gift Fund Stipends for the Year 2021-22

Killa gift.pdf


List of the Available Scholarships at GCWUF

List of the Scholarships at GCWUF.pdf

PEEF Remaining Students List

Remaining Students PEEF.pdf

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-III Only for 1st Semester (Morning)


Scholarship for Gilgit-Baltistan Students


EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II Remaining Students List

Remaining list of EUSP Phase-II.jpg

PEEF Students List (2017-2021)(2018-2022)

PEEF List 2017-21,2018-2022.pdf

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II


Requried Documents EHSAAS Phase-II.docx

Available Scholarship of (Interloop Need Based Scholarship Program (Session 2021-25) 8th Interloop Batch at GCWUF) Last date to apply 20,September 2021

Application Form for 8th Batch 2021 at GCWUF.pdf

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II

Ehsaas phase II.pdf

List of PEEF Students

PEEF List.pdf

Interloop Scholarship

Notification Interloop 2.docx

EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-I

Required Documents for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-I.pdf

As per direction by the Dr. Zill-I- Huma Nazli (Focal person of EUSP) Dear Focal person, SFAO is going to conduct the interviews of the remaining / Absenties candidiates of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II on the Dated: 06-April-2021 Please inform the following candidiates to appear in interview on the above said date. Notice : Otherwise they will not claim any reason to absent in future. Regards,


PEEF Master Level Scholarship Quota 2020-2021


List of HEC Need Based Scholarship Session 2020-2021

HEC Need Based Scholarship-2020-21 - Copy.pdf

Schedule of the Interviews for HEC Need Based Scholarship Session 2020-2021


EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II Interview Schedule

Ehsaas(1) 19-Feb-2021 11-17-20.pdf

All Students are informed that the interviews EHSAAS Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II is going to conduct at the given schedule, Enlisted Students make sure the attendance ( 8:00 AM) in SFAO For further information please visit the notice board of SFAO. Regards,

Ehsaas Interview List Phase-II.pdf

Peef 2018-2022 Students List

Selected Students list of PEEF Scholarship Session 2018.docx

University Need Based Scholarship