Department of Biochemistry

Clinical Pharmacogenetics Research Group

Biochemistry has enjoyed an intimate relationship with medicine illuminating many aspects of human health and diseases. It helps us to understand the chemical aspects of biological processes, plays a huge role in the development of novel new scientific approaches. The Clinical Pharmacogenomics Group aims to personalize medicine by studying DNA vari....

Industrial Biotechnology Research Group

Dr. Salma Shahid is group leader of Industrial Biotechnology Research group in the Department of Biochemistry, Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. This Research group covers research activities related to Biocomposites: Production, Optimization, and characterization of Bioplastics. Their role in upgrading Pakistan???s plastic Indu....

Molecular Biochemistry Research Group

Dr.Sumera Shaheen is group leader of Molecular Biochemistry group in the Department of Biochemistry, Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Focus of research of this group is on; DNA,RNA and Protein work with emphasis on Gene Expression Regulation, Genetic Engineering, Cell Lines. This research group is interested to work on molecul....


Department of Biochemistry is a newly established department of the university, comprised of highly qualified and experienced members who have Ph.D.???s from foreign and prestigious local universities with a specialization in Molecular Biochemistry, Enzyme Biotechnology, Pharmacogenetics, Clinical Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Industrial Biochemistry.Department of Biochemistry is comprised of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who have Doctorate degrees from foreign and prestigious local universities with a specialization in Molecular Biochemistry, Enzyme Biotechnology, Pharmacogenetics, Clinical Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Industrial Biochemistry. Well equipped Labs are available for practical classes and research purpose. Department is offering BS degree programmes.


Vision of the department is to provide modern, rigorous and comprehensive learning for the students in different fields of Biochemistry and to enhance their ability to critically analyze and understand the scientific problems to produce quality research work. We want to train students so that they have the ability to collaborate and share their expertise with other disciplines of science as biochemistry lies at the intersection between several other branches of science, which is evident in the research output worldwide.A society in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being. We work to be trusted by patients and will be the creators of positive change. We believe that providing high quality, easily accessible health care is our reason for being. We will use a team approach to prove health care with collaboration of health related activities in different departments. We seek to be a model for other community health centers.


We aim to impart updated knowledge and research expertise to meet the present challenges in study, research work and industry. The Department of Biochemistry intends to provide affordable educational opportunities to develop scientific leadership, through learner-centered teaching and research, while strengthening our identity at National and International level.

BS Biochemistry [Four Years Degree Programme ]

  • Program Duration: 4 Years
  • Eligibility Criteria: F.Sc (Pre-Medical/ Pre-Engineering) or equivalent with at least 45 % marks (2nd Division)
  • Seats Allocation :  Morning 60 / Evening 100
  • All Fee Structures: See More Details ...
  • Scheme of Study: See More Details ...


Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Doctorate Degree PhD Biochemistry


Assistant Professor, Medical Cell (Health Unit)

Doctorate Degree PhD


Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Doctorate Degree Doctor of Philosophy


Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

PhD Post Doctorate PhD Biochemistry


Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Doctorate Degree PhD


Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Doctorate Degree PhD in Biochemistry


Associate Professor, Biochemistry

Qulification Not Present


Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

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Lecturer, Biochemistry

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Associate Professor, Biochemistry

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One Day Webinar

Microplastics, Analysis and Characterization in Drinking Water Dated 18 Jan...

One Day Webinar

Clinical Aspects of Neutraceutics dated 9 February...


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