Department of Nutritional Sciences

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Research Group

Nutrition is an integral part of health; it influences the growth, development, maintenance of health, and can be used for the management of diseases. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Research Group aims to improve the understanding of the impact of food and nutrition on health and disease and to focus on the nutritional intervention to promote hea....

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Research Group

Functional foods and nutraceuticals are foods/food components having physiological benefits along with basic nutritional functions. The Functional Foods and Nutraceutical Research Group aims at development based on bioactive and functional food ingredients and their formulation for new product development for targeted nutrition across the lifespan.....


Nutritional Sciences is a newly established department of the university, represents an emerging and exciting field of study of interdisciplinary nature. The primary emphasis of nutritional sciences is to provide scientific base for diversity in the human needs for foods and nutrients, the metabolic responses to dietary changes, and the interactions among genetics, drug nutrient interaction and food consumption patterns on human health and well being. Thus, physical, biological and social sciences are integrated in consideration of the national and international goals of achieving optimal health through proper nutrition. This integration of disciplines will bring a broad range of courses and research opportunities to the students. It will provide them with the breadth of education and focus to suit their individual goals. Nutrition professionals work in a wide range of settings, in both the public and private sectors and assume an array of challenging responsibilities. Career opportunities for a registered/licensed dietician include: health care dietician and administrator, nutrition researcher, fitness/wellness consultant, public health nutritionist, school nutrition supervisor, Cooperative Extension educator, entrepreneur in dietetic programs and services, and corporate dietician/nutritionist.


The vision of the Department of Nutritional Sciences is to be a premier academic department that excels in the discovery, dissemination, and translation/application of knowledge in nutrition. To impart nutrition education and training in individuals based on research interventions to develop new functional foods towards the attainment of better nutritional status and prevention of diseases in the community.


Our mission is to provide integrated instruction, research, and outreach programs to improve the nutritional well-being and health of individuals, families and the community. To impart nutritional knowledge to promote nutritional status and contribute to a safe and nutritious food supply.

Programs Offered

BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics [Four Years Degree Programme ]

Mphil Food and Nutrition [Two Years Degree Programme ]

  • Program Duration: 2 years
  • Eligibility Criteria: M.Sc. food and nutrition/community health and nutrition--BS/B.Sc. (hons.) home economics (food and nutrition)--BS/B.Sc. (Hons.) human nutrition and dietetics-- BS/B.Sc. (Hons.) food science and technology
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Assistant Professor and Incharge, Nutritional Sciences

Doctorate Degree Food and Nutrition


Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences

Doctorate Degree PhD Food and Nutrition


Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences



Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences

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